Thursday, January 5, 2012

Christian Optimism

My brother John has begun writing his own blog! I'm very excited about this because John is a very wise and mature young man. I know I benefit from his thoughts and I'm excited now that others can benefit as well. Please be sure to check out his blog Surprised by Optimism 

I thought while I was sharing John's blog, I would share the other blogs written by my family members:

My sister Lissie writes here at Impassioned Purity. She and John are twins and she also is a very wise person. She has steeped herself in God's Word and as a result, her lifestyle and walk reflect someone who wants to honour her Saviour.

My mom writes her thoughts over at A Deep Breath of Hope. That's truly what reading her thoughts are like: a huge gulp of fresh air. She's very honest and vulnerable about her struggles as a mom. I want to be a mom like her someday, she shares so much wisdom and she certainly has had a lot of experience! She's been a mom for 21 years and she has 12 children.

My family has a blog where they share daily happenings and pictures. I love going there to see what they're doing and see how they're all growing and changing. You can find that here: Unto Him We Live

This little blog has been pretty silent lately and I'm going to be changing that here soon, so don't worry that I fell off the face of the earth!