Tuesday, May 24, 2011

What is the Bravehearted Gospel?

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"The truth of the Bravehearted Gospel is without equivocation a truth that must be adopted into the feminine heart. As much as a great man must learn to listen, cry, be sympathetic, and allow compassion to ebb in his being, so a great woman must have a brave heart. She must have the grit, the growl and the gusto of God drilled into the bedrock of her soul...."
"You see, the Bravehearted Gospel is not merely a title, it is an attitude and a lifestyle. IT isn't something I invented. Rather, it comes straight out of the soldier's handbook from Heaven, covered in blood, sweat, tears and glory. And if I may be so bold, the Bravehearted Gospel is the manly stuff that the modern church is missing, and if it were to be found again, this world might be turned upside down within a single year."
"The Bravehearted Gospel is gritty living, the stuff of martyrs and saints. Its bravado meets brains; its hamlike fist meets poetlike heart; its forehead of flint meets tender, love-inspired soul. The Bravehearted Gospel is muscular  zeal meets helpless orphan, sacrificing life and limb to rescue her. It is spine of steel bending to embrace the urine-stained outcast, giving up everything in order to see him brought through Heaven's gates. The Bravehearted Gospel is not mushy logic, it is concrete truth. It's not postmodern or modernistic thinking, and it's not dry-as-dust tradition for tradition's sake. Rather, it is historical living ripped straight from the pages of Scripture and made incarnate in the lives of the disciples of Jesus in this twenty-first century. The Bravehearted Gospel isn't soft with sin and it's not hard on sinners, but rather it is the giving up of everything to see sin trumped and the sinner rescued. The Bravehearted Gospel is pure adventure, a life of nuclear joy and hallowed ecstasy. It's the hard way to live, and yet the most satisfying. And, God patiently waits to once again infuse the potency of His Bravehearted Gospel back into the bloodstream of the body of Christ. Ironically, it is often you and me, and a million other Christians who are often standing in the way."
Taken from The Bravehearted Gospel by Eric Ludy, pages 19-21

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