Saturday, February 11, 2012

Link Love

Hi, my name is Anna and this is my blog (in case your forgot who I was in my long silence). I hope I'm back, we'll see. If you follow my other blog (Young And Married ) you would know that we found out our baby is a girl, that we bought a house and we're in the process of packing so we can move! That's the gist of the silence. I thought I'd pop on and remind you all I'm still alive with a little link love!

- Now I'm not going to be a mother of boys, but I thought this was a great post so I thought I'd share. the world needs more good men.

-I'll Never Be The Same - Great post from my sister about coming back from St. Petersburg. Those eyes! That child is quite haunting if you ask me.

-A Letter To My Children About Marriage - This was good regardless of whether you are married or not. I know I needed to read that reminder.

This sweet post about things Natalie wants to do with her future husband. Also, this one on being a lady, this one on guarding your heart and this funny video. (I agree with Natalie about Twilight though.)

This rather hilarious video about singing at the drive thru. And this sad and funny video about the state of our universities and the lack of education.

- Natalie again! I Want To Marry a Man Who....

- Thought provoking post about media choices - Glee and Other Media Choices

Who Will Swaddle Me? - sweet post. I can't help but smile at that baby!

- And last a silly video about homeschooling your baby.

Enjoy! Love,

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  1. Wow! Thanks for all the links Anna! Glad you've really liked the blog posts lately =D