Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Link Love

  1. Who is the greatest? - I REALLY liked the post. Like REALLY liked it. Especially this part: "People ask me sometimes if my hands get tired at the end of the day. My usual reply is, "You know, sometimes they do get a little tired. It's great though because my husband is really nice and he'll give me hand rubs so that helps a lot." Here is a list of several actual responses I have had to that question: 1. "Really? How long have you guys been married? My guess is not very long" 2. "I'll ask you again in a couple of years." 3. "That's nice, enjoy that while it lasts" Is it just me, or is that really crappy? It makes me terribly sad... Sad to think that somewhere in the path of marriage, people stop loving each other practically. Couples stop putting their spouses needs ahead of their own.
  2.  Random Thoughts on Marriage - From the same blog, this is just some thoughts that I felt echoed in my own heart and wanted to share with you all. Don't stop making an effort to look good after you're married! Your spouse is the most important person in your life, why do we feel like we can wear t-shirts and sweat pants around them? We made an effort during the courtship/or dating relationship, why not after you've said the vows? Along those lines, check out this blog with her Frump to Pumps Dressing in Freedom: Frump To Pumps Challeng
  3. How To Make Newsprint Nails - I love doing my nails and I think this is an easy way to go more sophisticated than just plain colour. Thanks Ruthiey for the DIY!
  4.  This Road Called Vida - I've been reading this blog a lot because I like her genuineness even throughout the tough stuff, but ever since I found out I was pregnant, I've been paying even more attention since she just gave birth to her first precious one. 


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  1. Hi Anna! Thank you so much for sharing these links to my blog posts! I noticed more hits than usual on my blog today and tracked them back to here and it was such a pleasant surprise and encouragement! I absolutely love marriage and reading and thinking and theorizing about what makes marriages great and what makes love last. The book "A Severe Mercy" by Sheldon Vanvauken inspired us more than any other book about making love last has and I highly recommend it to any married couple... but especially newlyweds!

    Anyway, marriage is awesome and the goodness doesn't have to end because you said "I do". If people are discouraging about being married so young, don't listen or take it to heart. When God brings you together, it doesn't make sense to be apart simply because our culture says "20 is too young". May your love be a shining beacon of God's love and bring joy, strength, and encouragement to others!

    It's really nice to meet you! Don't be a stranger!

  2. Anna, echoing what Leslie said, read A Severe Mercy. It's is a life-changing book.

    Also, I love your link posts! It's always great to have some more reading. <3

  3. I read and loved a Severe mercy too...and I agree with the above comments :D