Tuesday, October 4, 2011

God Is Never Un-Motivated

There are days where it's hard work to simply put my contacts in. The bed doesn't get made, the dirty dishes sit in the sink, and the pile of laundry grows ever taller. Today is one of those days. I think part of the reason everything feels this way is because I woke up sick. I'm feeling better as the day has gone on, but I still feel like normal tasks are just insurmountable. I know I need to do the laundry, or Aaron won't have a clean undershirt tomorrow, but my body just sternly says, "No!".

After a day when I've "had it all together", as in, I taught three violin lessons, went grocery shopping (and didn't exceed the budget!) tidied the house, went through paperwork and generally felt like I looked put-together in my heels and sweater, today is a stark contrast. My to-do list is sitting with my calendar, untouched. I keep telling myself that if I'm not going to do laundry or empty the dishwasher, that I should at least study for my next test, since that doesn't require any exertion. But here I am, blogging.

I don't have it all together. I have my share of bad and hard days, just like any of us. But I know Someone who never changes or has bad days or is unmotivated to get those things on His to-do list done. He never get's frustrated or forgets something, He never leaves something unfinished. I always find that quite comforting on days like this, that God is not like this. He doesn't have something unexpected come up, ever.

So on our days like this one that I'm having now, we can cling to our Heavenly Father who is so far above, better and unchanging than we are. But more than just being comforted, this can urge us to action knowing that with His Holy Spirit we can be like Him and keep going despite our circumstances or how achy our body is or how unmotivated we feel. Because God is so much bigger than all of that!

So off I go to begin laundry and empty the dishwasher. I might sit down after I've done all of my chores to study and rest. And I'll be thinking about how great and marvelous our God is the whole time.



  1. Hey Anna - I have days like that too! Praying for you, dear :) (hugs)

  2. This is heartfelt and real. Thank you for your honesty, Anna! We ALL have days like this. The day-in-and-day-out of life. I need the Lord to rid me of laziness and complacency - a very prominent prayer right now!

  3. I like that - I need to remember this next itme I'm having one of those days. It is comforting to know that God DOESN'T have this problem!

    Thanks for following my blog - I'm following yours now too!