Monday, June 6, 2011


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I'm lonely. I have lived here for just over two months and haven't found a good friend yet. I feel at home with Aaron's family and love them very much. His sisters are good friends, but I just haven't found that community of friends, good Christian friends, that I had back where my family lives. Of course, I am living with my best friend in the entire world which is wonderful in and of itself. But we haven't found a church family or community to plug into yet. So it just is a struggle sometimes.

However, today I received some very sweet encouragement from a long distance friend who lives in Texas. (This is her blog : Musings from the Feet of Jesus) Kathryn sent me a box with two yummy recipes, some Starbucks coffee (yippee!!), a "Friends" picture frame, and a very encouraging note. She reminded me that God will provide me with amazing friends, sending me the recipes and coffee that I could enjoy with my future friends, and the frame so I could place their smiling face within it as a reminder of God's faithfulness. Kathryn's kindness to me really brightened my day! And I definitely needed that reminder that God would provide friends in His own timing.

And you know what? I decided to start praying differently. Instead of saying, "Dear God, please bring me a friend," I decided to pray, "Dear God, please show me someone who needs a good friend." Instead of looking at what I don't have, I decided to look at what I do have. God has given me world's best husband as my best friend. He has given me in-laws that feel like family that I have known forever. He has given me two new sisters that are great friends!

Yes, it's still lonely sometimes. But that's when I need to remind myself of God's enduring faithfulness and remember the blessings God has provided for me already! Thank you Kathryn for your wonderful encouragement and your ray of sunshine that brightened my day.



  1. Hey Anna! Been checking out your blog, and am lovin' it! Will be praying you find some friends in this new season of life =D And your wedding pictures... so adorable!

  2. Hugs to you! Starting off new anywhere is always hard!

    Send me your snail mail address! I want to send you mail!!

    Have a great rest of the week!