Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Decline of our Society: Caylee Anthony vs. the unborn child

There are many words that have been used to describe the verdict from the Casey Anthony case. Two of the most popular are "injustice" and "outraged". A young, defenseless two-year-old girl goes missing in June and it wasn't until December that her remains were found. We all know she was killed and disposed of somehow. We want justice for those chubby cheeks and big happy eyes. It seemed like all of America was waiting, breathless, to hear the verdict. Would little Caylee get justice?

And somehow, America doesn't see the parallel to abortion. Every day, 3500 sweet, defenseless babies are killed. And what was the reason? Convenience. The same reason Caylee Anthony was murdered by her own mother. Little children, precious in God's sight, are murdered brutally by those who are supposed to be their most careful protectors, their mothers or fathers. We hear no one defending Casey, saying, "It was her choice! This isn't any of our business because it's a private matter! I wouldn't do it, but it's her choice, not mine." Of course not! That sounds absurd! It's her choice to murder her own child with duct tape? It's her choice to kill her own child so that her life can be easier? And yet, that's what those who are "Pro-Choice" are saying. Those who are Pro-Choice are saying, "It's okay for mothers and fathers to murder children who have faces and names. It's okay for Casey Anthonys to murder Caylee Anthonys.

We might recoil in horror at that, and try to defend the Pro-Choice stance saying that's it's different. But how is it different? In both cases, it's still a parent murdering a child. The only difference is place and age. What different right does a two-year-old have than a six week old child in the womb? Nothing at all! And yet, mainstream America views them as different situations, different entities.

This Sunday, the sermon I heard was on Judges 19. It's a rather gruesome chapter - an unfaithful concubine, a mob of lustful homosexuals, a heartless husband. One of those chapters you read through quickly because it's just so distasteful to read. The sermon outlined four root ideas of a nation's moral decline, evidenced in Judges 19. These root ideas, or seeds, begin in small ways, but if left rampant become worse and worse. Two come to mind in this discussion.

  1. Lack of natural affection
  2. Selective moral outrage

The first point, lack of natural affection, is very evident in Casey Anthony. Say she wasn't guilty, but her daughter is missing. The natural tendency of a mother is worry, and sadness that would motivate her to action. "Find my child!" Do we see this? Definitely not. Okay, say she wasn't guilty, but her daughter drowned in the pool. The natural tendency of a mother would be to mourn her child. This would be a very sad story indeed! Do we see this reaction from Casey? No again! But on top of all of that, what mother would even treat Caylee the way she did? So we can see very plainly, this lack of natural affection.

The second point, selective moral outrage, doesn't create feelings of anger in me as much as just sadness. That mainline America does not see the parallel between Caylee Anthony and all of those helpless little babies murdered day after day, makes me sick. Americans like their convenience. We have fast food, which enables us to eat whenever we want without waiting; the internet, which allows us to read, watch, listen anything we want to at lightning fast speeds; friends with benefits, which allows us to satisfy our lusts without commitment; abortion, which allows us to get rid of our children, guilt-free, so we can continue living our life unhindered. So we don't feel outraged when those helpless babies in the womb are murdered, because we are afraid of losing our convenience. It was convenient for all those people to become outraged at Casey Anthony murdering her two-year-old. It comes from the same root issue, but because it is something we can stand over Casey Anthony shouting, "Condemn her!"-  since of course we would never murder our two year old - it's convenient to us.

So, as the public continues to reel after the verdict was called yesterday, think on those two points. In what areas of my life am I being selectively outraged? Think small, smaller than abortion, smaller than child slaves or sex trafficking. What seeds of selective moral outrage are deep in my heart? And, in what ways am I lacking natural affection? The pastor this Sunday said it isn't even something as big as murder, if you aren't loving your spouse by putting their interests first, you are lacking natural affection. Before we walk away from this shouting, "Condemn her!", let us take a look at our own hearts, and repent.



  1. Thank you for this post! It was so good.

  2. Great piece, Anna. I had been vaguely thinking the same thing and it's great that you wrote it out so clearly. <3