Friday, July 8, 2011

Fill in The Blank Friday


1. My plans this summer include being outside every day! Our apartment has a swimming pool and there is a nice trail within walking distance, so I plan to take advantage of those things as much as possible. Also, trying to finish school this summer.

2. The best summer I ever had was the summer I went to Mississippi on a mission trip and then to the Summit in Colorado. I loved Summit so much I went back next summer! If I hadn't gotten married, I probably would've tried to be on staff there some year. I think the reason that is my favourite summer is because I believe I grew a LOT spiritually that year, and both the mission trip and Summit were a huge part of that growth.

3. Summer is the smell of sunscreen and burgers on the grill, chlorine in your hair, sunglasses on your face, the taste of lemonade, late nights, fireflies in the dusk, bare feet and favourite flip-flops, the smell of heat.

4. My favourite summer food is burgers on the grill. My dad makes the very best hamburgers ever! I miss them.

5. The best way to quench a summer thirst is with a limeade. It's the perfect combination of sweet and very sour and it is oh so summery! I think limeade is made from liquid sunshine.

6. My summer uniform consists of dresses and skirts. They're so feminine and also very light, so they're perfect to wear in the heat! 

7. The best thing about summer is it reminds us to hope again. It's easy to feel depressed in the winter and wonder if summer is every going to come, but it does. I think God also is gracious to give us more hours of daylight in the summer to enjoy the season. We just can't squander them! 



  1. Ahhh, Mississippi!!! Great memories! and how fun to have a swimming pool by your apartment!

  2. Hey Anna, thanks for stopping by at mine. I've had a little nosy here at your place and suffice to say I'm pretty sure I'll be sticking around:)

    Oh, summer! Reading this took me to a lovely place with warm sunny days and carefree hours. I'm in winter at the moment so this was a beautiful almost-midweek pick-me-up!