Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Link Love

I just wanted to share some thought provoking articles that I've read in the recent weeks with you all. Some of these may push buttons, but that's okay right? Since as Christians we're never supposed to settle, or think we've arrived, it's always good to have other brothers and sisters in Christ push us forward and onward to our final goal. So here they are:

  • Would you vote for an atheist? - After I read this, my thought was that our beliefs shape our worldview. So I actually disagree with Scanlan because an atheist would look at his or her political choices through the glasses of atheism!
  • Can Romance Novels Hurt Your Heart? and  Romance Novels: Friend or Foe? . The first is an article by Russel Moore and the second is a post discussing Moore's article. It may seem a little startling to hear romance novels compared to pornography, but it's so true. I can say that from experience as someone who has broken away from the addictive hold of romance novels, even Christian romance.
  • If Leonardo DiCaprio Got Saved Thanks to my friend Ruthiey at Color My Life With Love for sharing this article! I found this article very encouraging. It's easy to think, "Why doesn't God save... {enter famous person's name here}. They would lead many to Christ for sure!" But that just isn't God's way of doing things.
  • The Gospel and the Gay Moral Revolution This is a good article, especially with gay "marriage" legalized in New York. (Gay and Marriage together is an oxymoron, hence my parentheses around marriage. God defines what marriage is, and He said it's between one man and one woman. Anything outside of that is a fraud.)
  • Our Robbing Addiction This is a really good reminder from Tullian Tchividjian about a tendency we all have as Christians, even after we're saved.
  • Speak with, like, conviction (?) This video is a good reminder, especially for those of us in the younger generation, to speak with conviction about what we believe, not just about Christ, but all across the board. People won't take you seriously if you can't speak with conviction on so-called everday subjects, let alone the most important facts in the universe - the Gospel!


  1. I was very intrigued by The Gospel and the Gay Moral Revolution. Thanks for sharing and thanks for the link! <3

  2. Thanks for the shout out! =D

  3. And it's nice to know I wasn't the only one with that addiction =)