Friday, July 1, 2011

Fill in The Blank Friday

1. The best news I ever received was every time my family got the news that my parents could pick up our siblings in Russia! I have to say all three times, because each time it was the same feeling of utter joy and complete dependence on God. 

2. Something I'm looking forward to is getting pregnant, if the Lord allows it. 

3. Something I would never do is ...I'm not sure! I have found it's always dangerous to say "never" because usually God dishes it right up to you!

4. If I could choose someone to be my life coach, (famous or not, living or dead), I would choose Anna Magdalena Bach and my Daddy. My Daddy is so wise, there are so many things that he's taught me by word and deed that I think about all the time. I want to be more like him and I know there is so much I can learn from him. And I picked Anna Magdalena Bach because she was such a wonderful helpmeet to her husband, plus they had a large family!

5. If I had to put a label on my personal style, it would be fun. I strive for classy, but I'm never sure whether I make it there or not!

6. One should always stand for truth, no matter what.

7. I want to get a haircut! I haven't had one since about two months before my wedding in March. It's been waaaay too long. In fact, I'm going tonight!


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