Thursday, September 15, 2011

Link Love

  • This Momentary Marriage - This post is soooooo good!! And in case you're curious, this is exactly the kind of marriage Aaron and I have as well. 
  • This wedding was so sweet to read about! How often do you hear of twins marrying twins? And wow are they going to have beautiful kids, too! I thought the story about the girls' family was very inspiring as well.
  • This was an encouragement for me to be a Radical Blessing to my dear husband. I want someone to be able to call me a "radical blessing" to Aaron.
  • Two babies born this week! What a huge blessing. You can find William Paton here and Rebekah Rosalie here. Praise God, the Creator of life!
  • I just love this adorable picture of my little sister, Oksana.I miss her!
  • Check out this blog: all the leaves are rustling. 
  • Really love this quote about love. It made me think.
  • My sister Lissie posted this video. A good reminder of just how big our God is!
  • Fall! I'm so excited for autumn and can't wait for it's official arrival. I've seen it peeking around the corner, but I can't wait for it to be here completely.

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