Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Link Love

  • Abortion, Infanticide, and The United Methodist Church - This article is infuriating and saddening at the same time. What inconsistency! "Isn't it hypocritical to be outraged by a mom who kills her twin babies after they're born, but indifferent to a mom who hires someone to kill her twin babies before they're born? It is, which is why Princeton ethicist, Peter Singer, says women should be given the right to kill their newborns. He points out that there is no ethical difference between killing a human baby before birth and after birth and concludes that since we've already deemed abortion to be morally defensible, the same distinction should be given to infanticide as well." 
  • Here in my arms - Rejoicing with this beautiful family with the addition of their eight child! What a beautiful baby. I love the name they picked out, it has such a beautiful meaning.
  • Meant to Shine  - Another blog by one of my many sisters! Four down, five sisters to go! Just kidding...
  • encouragement - beautiful reminder, photo and song.
  • Family Life Interviews: Carolyn Twietmeyer and Luther and Rebekah Ellis - If you only go to ONE link that I have here, this is the one. (Yes this is another sister's blog!) Very encouraging, even if you aren't considering adoption.
  • Christians as Biscuit Dough - Thank you Ruthiey for sharing this great quote from Jerry Bridges! 
  • Let Us Be Elegant or Die! - Very good reminder for me to be concerned about what's inside rather than the clothes I wear, my nails, my hair, my shoes, my purse......
  • Vows - Last but not least, this post was thought-provoking. Am I true living my vows every day?

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