Thursday, September 29, 2011

National Coffee Day

Source: via Kat on Pinterest

Well, today is a day to be celebrated! Today is National Coffee Day. I simply don't know where life would be without coffee. People would not wake up or stay up without it. They wouldn't go to places that play loud music and spend hours on their computers there without it. People wouldn't know words like "barista", "venti" or "macchiato" without it (unless you're Italian, that is).

All joking aside, today since it is National Coffee Day, you can get a free coffee at 7-11 or Krispy Kreme. So if you're near either of those, you're in luck! Sadly, I know of no 7-11 or Krispy Kreme in my general area. Or even one far away for that matter. So I'll have to stick to paying for coffee today. But I can still celebrate with you if you get a free coffee. Make sure you check what size is the free size, because if you get the wrong size you might end up paying for it. Oh and if you do get a free coffee today, leave a comment and tell me!


Listening to Ballad of San Francisco by Caedmon's Call

PS -  Also, if you wouldn't mind leaving a comment telling me whether you think the blog design change was good, bad or terrible, I would appreciate it!


  1. I don't like the new blog look :P
    But the picture of all the coffees is SO CUTE!!!! :D

  2. The new blog look is interesting. It's not my favorite, but it's modern. I can get used to it. ;) I like how clean it is even if it isn't very pretty.

    Happy National Coffee Day! The picture is so cute!

  3. I like the layout <3 What's it called?