Saturday, August 13, 2011

Fill in The Blank Friday

1. My most favourite birthday was my 18th birthday. I had all my nearest and dearest friends and their families over (which made for a full house!). Their ages ranged from toddler all the way up to long-time married adult. 

2. My worst birthday was none of them! I am pretty sure I enjoyed all my birthdays. Now, if we're talking about other peoples birthdays, that's a different story entirely.... {is recalling a certain birthday when my family used to only have five people and was located in England}.

3. My favourite birthday memory is on my 13th birthday. My parents took me out for dinner at the fanciest restaurant in town to ask me if I would make a commitment for my future husband to save my heart, emotions and body for him. I did and my daddy gave me a beautiful diamond ring that I still wear to this day!

4. The best birthday present I've ever received was a beautiful heart necklace with a light blue stone in it from my dear husband Aaron for my last birthday. It was so wonderful and special.

5. The best birthday present I've ever given was I'm not sure. I can't recall any birthday gifts over any others. Instead, I'll tell you about what I did for Aaron's last birthday though, I invited his family and a friend over to surprise him. He and I went kayaking for the day and while we were gone, the guests arrived and decorated the apartment. When he opened the door, they all said, "Happy Birthday!" and he was very surprised! 

6. Birthdays are a fun time to celebrate someone, and what a gift from God they are. It's also a wonderful time to bring up favourite memories of other birthdays or of growing up. It's also fun to dig up old photos of past birthdays and see how the person has changed. 

7. My favourite age so far has been 20! Of course, I am still 20, but that's beside the point, don't you think?


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