Wednesday, August 17, 2011

For My Sister Jaynie

My sister is on the other side of the world. I've known she was going to leave for a couple months now, but it's still a strange thought. Next time I see my family, she won't be with them. My 18-year-old sister Jaynie is flying to Central Asia to live for the next several months. She is going to be a nanny for two American families there on business. She's leaving behind everything she's known since she was eight years old. None of her family will be there with her, none of her friends. But we know she does not go alone! And we also know that her safety is in Divine Hands. She will be recording her travels and her adventures on the other side of the world at her blog: HERE. She already has several updates, so make sure you read them and please pray for her!

But the other reason I wanted to post that is because I want to begin a weekly post as a reminder to pray for her. Jaynie plays the cello. She has only been playing for three-four years, but she has been very diligent and plays very well now. I miss playing with her a lot now that I've moved away! As part of her going to the other side of the world, she has had to leave her precious cello behind. So, I want to post videos of cello music for my dear sister once a week for two reasons:

  1. As a reminder for me and all of my readers to continue praying for Jaynie.
  2. For Jaynie, so she can listen to beautiful and moving music played on the instrument she loves so much!
So here is the first video of many: 

Thank you for praying and enjoy the music!

PS - the pictures are from my wedding in March, Jaynie played on of the most beautiful cello pieces in the world, Saint-Saens' The Swan from The Carnival of the Animals.

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  1. This is so dear. You are a good sister! Praying for her on this new adventure!